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“It is a pleasure to work with Phil … he exudes clarity and positivity. I always feel empowered and creative in his presence and when I work with him.” 

~Margot Anand, International Tantra Expert & Best-Selling Author

“I experience Philip’s genius akin to a playful breeze that both clears the air and stirs up essence.  He sees the cosmic dance of possibilities and brings them into form so that regular folk can use them to create more thriving lives.” 

~Dr. Kathlyn Hendricks, Relationship Expert & Best-Selling Author

“I see Philip’s genius in recognizing great ideas whose time has come and then putting wheels under them and in an essentially selfless nature that also tends to seduce others into their own passion for the possible.” 

~Dr. Jean Houston, Human Potential Expert and Best-Selling Author

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38 Satisfied Clients


"... Committed to results... Phil is a unique education professional who possesses the rare skills and talent to bring meaningful and relevant learning experiences to diverse audience, from the illiterate to the already highly skilled. Here... when a new project is on the 'drawing board,' Phil is our first choice to 'make it happen.'"

       ~Michael Rainey, Dean, Truckee Meadows Community College


  1. International Game Technology (IGT)

  2. California State University, Sacramento

  3. Silver Legacy Hotel and Casino

  4. SBC Nevada (phone company)

  5. Harrah’s Hotel and Casino

  6. Mexico Federal Electric Commission,

  7. General Motors & United Auto Workers

  8. Tahoe Biltmore

  9. Margot Anand and SkyDancing Tantra

  10. Tarcher-Putnam Publishing

  11. University of Nevada- Reno

  12. Truckee Meadows Community College

  13. Community College of Southern Nevada

  14. Sierra Nevada Job Corps Center

  15. Nevada Parks & Recreation

  16. Springs Window Fashions

  17. American Technical Education Association

  18. International Special Olympics

  19. Sierra Nevada Job Corps Center

  20. Immigration and Naturalization Service

  21. Nevada Department of Education

  22. Grand Valley State Universities

  23. Washoe County School District

  24. Incline Village Chamber of Commerce

  25. Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles

  26. Galena High School

  27. City of Reno

  28. Hendricks Institute

  29. Instituto Technológico de Monterey

  30. Palacio Real Hotel, Torreón, México

  31. El Vergel Winery, Gomez Palacio

  32. Universidad Autonoma del Noreste

  33. Camp Tamaka, Algonquin Park, Canada

  34. YMCA of Greater New York

  35. Nevada Newsmakers Outreach

  36. Inside Edge

  37. Finding It

  38. Nevada Horse Power


"With nearly 30 years of administrative experiences (as a teacher, coordinator, director, dean and CEO), in four occupational-technical college systems, I have never had the experience to work with one at Philip's level of professional integrity."


~Bill Verbeck, Former Dean, Truckee Meadows Community College

Specialized Projects

  • General Motors & United Auto Workers - Reno, Nevada - Successfully wrote a grant and designed a skill-development program for over a hundred employees and their spouses.  They learned computers, languages, college preparatory skills, and more!  (1992-1993)


"His leadership and implementation of the UAW/GM Skill Center project can be categorized as exemplary.  (The) participation rate/percentage of the local GM employees is one of the highest nation-wide."


~Michael Rainey, Dean, Truckee Meadows Community College

  • International Game Technology (IGT) - Reno, Nevada - Designed a special course where 10 Spanish-speaking employees and 10 English-speaking employees learned how to teach/mentor each other in learning their respective languages/cultures. (1993)

  • AT&T - Reno, Nevada - In a customized 30-hour training program, 15 English-speaking operators learned how to communicate with Spanish-speaking customers in "near native" Spanish.   (1994)

  • SkyDancing Institute USA - Two workbooks written and edited by Philip were published by SkyDancing for use as a supplement to training provided by licensed SkyDancing teachers in over 8 countries. (1997)

  • Springs Window Fashions Division Inc - Sparks, Nevada - Employees at Springs, a local Fortune 300 Company, improved reading skills by four grades & 87% of the employees passed the GED exam after taking special English and GED classes. (1997-Present)

  • Truckee Meadows Community College - Reno, Nevada - Designed a 10-credit grant writing certification program - Over 285 students attended classes in two years.  The program included 6 credits of classroom and six credits of on-the-job training, where they were paid at least $14/hour to learn how to write grant proposals.  Students were successful and brought in millions in grant funding for nonprofits in Northern Nevada and across the U.S.  (2001-2003)  He wrote grants securing over $6.3 million in funding for the college, and coordinated a variety of programs: English/Citizenship Classes for Amnesty applicants, training for Silver Legacy, special courses for Lake Tahoe, teacher training programs for the state of Nevada, occupational programs including 2+2 Tech Prep... saving parents/high school students over $120,000 per year in tuition/fees... and helping kids get a jump start on college, and more.


"TMCC's Amnesty Program is one of the most outstanding programs in the nation, and I attribute this to Phil's abilities and dedicated leadership."


~Bill Bonaudi, Former Dean, Truckee Meadows Community College



"Phil's dedication and contribution to TMCC and the special student populations we serve is unsurpassed.  He has demonstrated outstanding initiative and creativity in the development of new courses and delivery systems."


~Betty Elliot, Former Director, Truckee Meadows Community College



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